Feelings Can Be Manly

Artists and their internal renditions

Artists and their internal renditions

Today’s prompt is about what’s really on the inside. I figured I’d take a few moments of your time and explain some feelings. Because feelings are manly. (Don’t worry I’ll throw some bacon in at the end)

As a student I often find myself overwhelmed and understaffed for the incoming hurricane of knowledge known as college. For most it is the next step in their education, but for many it is the only way to a better living than they’ve known before. I fall into the later category. Now before you get all butthurt and think of me as just another woe is me my life stinks kind of person, just remember these are my feelings. Feel free to express your feelings in the form of a comment, but remember I’ll do the same right back. So keep it clean and classy. Or I’ll find you and kill you with kindness. (or bacon, I haven’t decided)

Growing up I wasn’t privy to many luxuries other kids were allowed like heating, or air conditioning, or a hot water heater (for nine months at one point). I was born in Modesto, Calif. but my family soon migrated to Missouri when I was four years old. My childhood home (that I remember) was a real shit box. I have many fond memories of building awesome ramps for me to jump my bike off, but I have just as many memories of being scared, freezing my ass off in winter, and boiling water on the stove to shower with. A memory I won’t soon forget is of my favorite thing to do as a child, I often road to the nearest grain silos and climbed them unbeknownst to the owners, or my parents. But the chance to ride three miles to what is essentially a giant ladder to the sky in the middle of corn fields was priceless to me. The feeling of being free some three to four stories in the sky was an awesome feeling I can’t describe to anyone, especially at the age of 10 or younger. And it’s not like my parents were deadbeats, I love them both very much and everything they’ve done was and still is for me and my siblings, but some people are just less fortunate than others

My point being I was too young to realize what I was doing, but I know recognize those grain silos were a way to escape my somewhat shitty lifestyle I had become accustomed too. And regardless of how hard school gets, or how much inner turmoil is created due to family life, love life, or bacon being over cooked, I know that what’s inside of me will always triumph like a lion. A bacon loving lion. A bacon loving lion waiting to eat every other person in the world until I’m the alpha lion. So that I can have the worlds spoils of bacon!

Look, that was a shit metaphor, sorry for that. Regardless I know everyone else feels the same as I do. Overwhelmed, stressed out, tired, and worried about next weeks test you have yet to study for. It’s the way of the college student, and that is why we are all here. To get our degree, earn a bigger pay check than the generation before us, and escape the harsh realities of the world. And whether you fall into one of those, or all of them plus some, you need to remember that whatever your struggle, it’s possible to overcome. Look at Wheelz from Nitro Circusbest success story in my opinion. You have to remember that we are only 17-22 years old, which is only a fraction of our life that we have to live. Chill out and enjoy an ice-cold Cream Soda and remember, it’s ok to have feelings. Even if you are the manliest bastard out there. Just make sure that whatever is inside is reflected on the outside, not the other way around.

Now here’s that bacon I promised. You may think you cook bacon like a pro but If you’re like me and are always looking for ways to improve yourself, here is a proper technique on how to cook bacon. Watch it here.


Manly Vocabulary: Confidence

What’s up ladies and gentlemen, it has been awhile since I said I would start getting posts up so let’s get started with my first prompt from my Comp class which is “Confidence.”

Sure, confidence can be seen in many different ways by many different types of people, and I personally feel that every word has an infinite amount of definitions because every one puts different “umph” into words. Since this is a blog about manly shit, I figure we’ll keep it as awesome as possible and talk about some guns, death, bacon, and other stuff you hopefully care about.

I’m sure all of you have heard about the recent shootings that have been progressively occurring in America like a new fad (disgusting, I know). But I’m not so sure if all of you heard about the live press conference with our own Vice President Joe Biden, whom my dad still says is evil as hell and claims I know nothing of his evil shenanigans since I’m so young and he’s like, well, 1000 (Biden, not my dad). The cruel fact of the matter is that, regardless of opinions (including my own), guns are being fired towards innocent people and said innocent people are dying from them. You can argue whether it’s the gun’s fault, the mental instability of the owner, the gun was stolen, any variable you want, I don’t give a shit. 20 children, CHILDREN, died in the Newtown, Conn. shooting.  That’s disgusting. No, that’s fucking horrific. And if you don’t agree with me swearing, then you’re a communist because that deserved it.

I recently watched the “Fireside Hangout” filmed by the Whitehouse and hosted by PBS News Hour which also included some special guests, one of which being a personal favorite of mine, Phillip Defranco, a known Youtube personality. After watching the whole chat and seeing Biden’s responses as well as his take on the subject I couldn’t help but feel conflicted about everything. I feel the older/growing/ more mature me is agreeing with him in feeling if there is any way to save even one life that it is our human duty to try. And that if the ban on any type of weapon could help in any way then it seems necessary to me. Yet the reckless/ rebellious/ immature me strongly disagreed and felt that as an American the right to own guns is a very personal thing. And if anyone tries to infringe on my rights in any way it’s my duty as an American to scream “DON’T TREAD ON ME” as loud as a can and wildly fire my weapons into the air screaming ‘MERICA!! as people watch in horror and run for cover. 

But then I calmed down and came to a rational decision that foremost, as an American, I should have confidence in my nation and trust that the government will make decisions for the greater good. And I personally feel that a lot of people, as of the last couple years, have a growing cynicism in the American government because of Bush being elected when Al Gore actually won the popular vote (and you can read all about that bullshit right here), or because Obama got elected as America’s first “black” president, or the usual question of why we are in the Middle East, as well as taxes, sketchy congress members, health care, oil prices, whatever your cup of hatred is full of I’m sure you can relate a little bit.

And you may be reading this thinking I’m some type of hippy liberal who loves eating leaves and enjoys never eating protein but you’d be wrong. I am simply maturing with age and realizing that a lot of arguments are over bull shit, and that as American’s it’s our duty to trust in our nation and help regardless of opinions. Come on, we aren’t oppressed like North Korean’s, we aren’t starving like North Korean’s, and we aren’t eating other humans like North Korean’s. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about you can read all about it here and watch a video about it here.

But seriously, it is our duty to have confidence in our government and country. And if passing these gun laws will truly help in any way and save at least one life then it’s our job to let that happen. And I’m saying this as some one who has a strong family military background, has shot several guns including an AR-15 (my uncles to be exact, he’s a sheriff in Fort Scott, KS), and plans on owning several guns in his lifetime.

And if you don’t have confidence in America, it’s your job to change the shit you don’t like. Write your congressman/woman, post a petition to the Whitehouse website. And if you didn’t know that was a thing then you can learn about it here.

Hope you enjoyed what you’ve just read, I hope I’ve changed your mind in some way, and If you absolutely hate me now– deal with it.

I also promised bacon and you can find it right here.

And so it begins…

What’s up ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to cordially invite you to Fisticuffs & Floggings. Home of an opinionated, vulgar, confused college kid trying to make his journey through classes and earn his way to a degree. This blog has been created for one of my classes, but I hope it grows to be much more than that. So bear with me as it gets started and I promise to not disappoint.

If you’re interested in bitches pretty women, trucks, cars, working out, humor, guns, camping, outdoors, beer, big dogs, or anything else that’s manly as hell then you’re in the right place.

Dont mistake me as a redneck either. I may be a closet hipster but that doesn’t mean I cant hang with the rest of them. Stick around a bit and see if you like it. If not, you’re just stupid your own individual.