Feelings Can Be Manly

Artists and their internal renditions

Artists and their internal renditions

Today’s prompt is about what’s really on the inside. I figured I’d take a few moments of your time and explain some feelings. Because feelings are manly. (Don’t worry I’ll throw some bacon in at the end)

As a student I often find myself overwhelmed and understaffed for the incoming hurricane of knowledge known as college. For most it is the next step in their education, but for many it is the only way to a better living than they’ve known before. I fall into the later category. Now before you get all butthurt and think of me as just another woe is me my life stinks kind of person, just remember these are my feelings. Feel free to express your feelings in the form of a comment, but remember I’ll do the same right back. So keep it clean and classy. Or I’ll find you and kill you with kindness. (or bacon, I haven’t decided)

Growing up I wasn’t privy to many luxuries other kids were allowed like heating, or air conditioning, or a hot water heater (for nine months at one point). I was born in Modesto, Calif. but my family soon migrated to Missouri when I was four years old. My childhood home (that I remember) was a real shit box. I have many fond memories of building awesome ramps for me to jump my bike off, but I have just as many memories of being scared, freezing my ass off in winter, and boiling water on the stove to shower with. A memory I won’t soon forget is of my favorite thing to do as a child, I often road to the nearest grain silos and climbed them unbeknownst to the owners, or my parents. But the chance to ride three miles to what is essentially a giant ladder to the sky in the middle of corn fields was priceless to me. The feeling of being free some three to four stories in the sky was an awesome feeling I can’t describe to anyone, especially at the age of 10 or younger. And it’s not like my parents were deadbeats, I love them both very much and everything they’ve done was and still is for me and my siblings, but some people are just less fortunate than others

My point being I was too young to realize what I was doing, but I know recognize those grain silos were a way to escape my somewhat shitty lifestyle I had become accustomed too. And regardless of how hard school gets, or how much inner turmoil is created due to family life, love life, or bacon being over cooked, I know that what’s inside of me will always triumph like a lion. A bacon loving lion. A bacon loving lion waiting to eat every other person in the world until I’m the alpha lion. So that I can have the worlds spoils of bacon!

Look, that was a shit metaphor, sorry for that. Regardless I know everyone else feels the same as I do. Overwhelmed, stressed out, tired, and worried about next weeks test you have yet to study for. It’s the way of the college student, and that is why we are all here. To get our degree, earn a bigger pay check than the generation before us, and escape the harsh realities of the world. And whether you fall into one of those, or all of them plus some, you need to remember that whatever your struggle, it’s possible to overcome. Look at Wheelz from Nitro Circusbest success story in my opinion. You have to remember that we are only 17-22 years old, which is only a fraction of our life that we have to live. Chill out and enjoy an ice-cold Cream Soda and remember, it’s ok to have feelings. Even if you are the manliest bastard out there. Just make sure that whatever is inside is reflected on the outside, not the other way around.

Now here’s that bacon I promised. You may think you cook bacon like a pro but If you’re like me and are always looking for ways to improve yourself, here is a proper technique on how to cook bacon. Watch it here.


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