MANtain Biking: It’s Awesome


Recently I’ve been looking for a hobby that I can do while in college. My criteria? Somewhat cheap, easily accessible, and FUN! Well, if you’re looking for the same thing that I am, look no further than mountain biking.

I’m looking specifically towards cross-country and free riding styles, where I would be riding on trails typically found off the beaten path. All you need to get into it is a bike with some type of suspension. Front suspension forks are a must, but hard tail rears are perfectly fine, although a rear suspension would help out.

What really got me into mountain biking, of all things, was that it’s essentially free once you buy your gear. I have an SUV with a trailer hitch for a bike rack, I have a bike and helmet, and I have a mountain bike/camp place nearly 30 minutes from my house. I literally just have to pay gas to get there and food for the weekend, other than that the expenses are pretty low, and if your friends decide to come with you the food costs go down. It just makes sense.

But apart from the monetary stand point, there are the other obvious reasons I want to get into the sport as well. BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME!! Seriously have you ever watched videos of it on YouTube? I’ll include some links below if you haven’t, but it looks fantastic. Bombing down a hill on a sketchy track of dirt at around 20 miles an hour, hitting jumps that would usually make people stop and ask “why?” Having friends right behind you doing the same thing, camping and doing it again the next day. That sounds like so much fun to me.

So if you like being outside, sketchy trail riding, eating shit a lot (because you will fall, it’s inevitable), and hanging with friends, I highly advise taking a look into mountain biking. It’s a workout and fun at the same time, who doesn’t like that?

Enjoy these links below


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