Toaster Oven Burgers: Bad Idea Of The Week


You asked for it (no you didn’t) so here it is! Toaster oven burgers. If your idea of fun is intently watching your toaster oven for the probable flash of fire and the imminent fear of burning your building down then this recipe is for you!


(Step 1)


Food: buy that shit.


(Step 2)


Foil: use it, a lot of it. Preheat oven on broil setting



(Step 3)


Seasoning: put it on the burgers.



Do they look something like this?



Good, let’s continue.


(Step 4)


Lay burgers on preheated rack that has been covered in foil. Poke holes in foil around burgers large enough for fat and grease to run through (I ended up adding loads more holes so do as many as you want). Make sure that you have a catch tray under those holes as well.



(Step 5)


Shut the door and start cooking.



Set your timer for five minutes. This may vary, five worked for me.


Grab your roommate a towel because he forgot one.




(Step 6)


Come back in five minutes and flip the burgers. After you do that it should look something like this.


LEFT: not flipped         RIGHT: flipped



(Step 7)


Cook for another five minutes and enjoy. Feel free to check with a thermometer if they’re done or not.



Add some bacon and enjoy even more.





Honestly, these burgers were delicious. I wasn’t expecting them to be very good at all but after enjoying several apiece between my roommates and I, It was unanimously agreed that they can rival any burger cooked on a traditional grill. That being said, the reward wasn’t necessarily worth the risk. I caught my oven on fire several times, spent a lot of time holding a couple fans pointed towards the window to flush the smoke out, and cleaned up a lot of grease and fat from my oven. Regardless of all of that, I can’t help but love the fact that this actually worked. I had no idea they would turn out that good. They were delicious as hell, and only took a couple fires and close calls to make. Sounds like normal grilling, right?

So here’s my journey, hope you enjoyed it, try it at your own risk.


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