Manly Vocabulary: Ambition

Ambition: lots of people have it, and if you don’t have it you should get some. Ambition if you don’t already know– although I’m sure you do because you’re well versed in manly vocabulary– is the willingness to achieve greatness. Well that’s not the dictionary definition, but it’s a summary of it. Strictly speaking the willingness to achieve wealth in any way and the desire/dedication to actually attain that goal.

I have an ambition problem actually. I aspire to make loads of money, import skylines into the states once they’re twenty-five years old and no longer have problems coming through customs, have a nice house on some land that I built myself, four-wheelers, a badass garage, kids, and a large truck to tow all of that shit around in. Look, that’s nice to have high expectations like that, but let’s be honest… I can’t afford that, only celebrities can afford that. My ambitions tend to overwhelm my reality, and then I start to actually think about it and this is what will really happen. I’m still in college working towards my bachelors, once I graduate and achieve that I have two routes I can go: grad school or job.

If I follow the path of grad school I’ll be taking out more loans and living off of them. I’ll be a broke ass college kid once more, and let me tell you it isn’t fun. I’ll most likely hole up in some shit-shack near my graduate school, which won’t be anywhere near where I am now because going to the same school for both your undergrad and grad studies isn’t looked highly upon (life lesson of the day), so I’ll be far away and on my own.

If I follow the path of a job right out of college I’ll start to pay off my debts, hopefully within a couple of years I can get it all paid off and have a house of sorts that is at least nicer than my living conditions freshman year. I’ll have a full-time job which means I can buy a truck and make payments on it, eat whatever I want, and get a credit card and put myself in debt like the rest of the world. And maybe later on in life I’ll hit a glass ceiling at my job because of my lack of higher education, one can only hope!

Look, all joking aside, ambition is a real thing. And I feel a lot of people have such high expectations yet they refuse to put forth the efforts needed to achieve those higher goals. I was a shit-show last semester, I failed two classes making my fail count a total of three: Gen Bio, Russian History, and England History. I have excuses, yeah, but do they matter on my transcript? No. Frankly, flat-out, no bullshit, NO. Employers don’t give two shits whether you lost your leg that year or you got drunk every night like an elementary ed major. And quite frankly, people (yeah, you see that generalization?) seem to want more than they are willing to work for, and I was one of them. But not any more, because I’ve realized that ambition is good but in moderation. Take it slow at first, have a goal to finish this semester with B’s in all your classes, set ambitious weight goals if you’re trying to lose some. As long as you’re doing something you’ll be working towards the ultimate goal world domination a better you.

Yeah yeah that’s cliché as hell but whatever. Hope you liked my little rant. Here’s some bacon for you.


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