If you haven’t heard  yet there is a YouTube sensation known as Epic Meal Time; and just as their name sounds, they make epic ass meals for their friends to enjoy. Something that I absolutely agree with and do for my friends almost every weekend. Now if you don’t understand what I mean by “Epic Meals” then you may be in for a surprise, and a stomach ache, because their food gets pretty gross sometimes. Honestly, if they weren’t so drunk when they were eating it I don’t think they would be able to finish the meals they create.

Epic Meal Time is comprised of several men from Canada who enjoy creating high calorie meals involving shit loads of bacon, Jack Daniels, and meat (lots of meat). Harley Morenstein first created Epic Meal Time with his friend Sterling Troth– the camera man. Morenstein is actually a former substitute high school teacher from Montreal, best substitute ever am I right? Also included in the lineup is personal trainer Alex Perrault who by trade is a personal trainer, and in show he portrays his speechless alter ego “Muscles Glasses” who eats fist-fulls of food and boasts aviators.

Epic Meal Time isn’t just about the food though, they love including random celebrities on their short films as well. They’ve included Jamie Oliver, Tony Hawk, Deadmau5, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla from Smosh, along with many others.

Included below are some of their best works in my opinion. Check out their YouTube page for more!



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