MANnerisms: How To Act In Times Of Stress

Hello everyone!

For those who don’t know a mannerism is a habitual gesture or way of behaving/speaking.  I like to think of it as how someone acts, speaks, and conducts themselves. Today I’d like to try out the first of a possible new category here on F&F called MANnerisms: How To Act In Times Of Stress. I constantly find myself torn between two ways of conducting myself in life: The Younger Me and the Older Me. These two personalities tend to lie dormant until an increased time of stress. Here’s a few examples if you’re not picking up what I’m putting down.

-Your girlfriend tells you she finished your laundry for you, you thank her and put all of it up. The next morning you are getting ready and you realize every article of clothing you own has shrank because she dried it on high heat. You’r favorite, once yellow shirt now looks like the lady who owns the tanning shop in town. How do you act?

-You wake up every morning for classes but some mornings are different. It’s just one of those days. You stub your toe on every corner in your apartment, your tooth paste falls on your shirt, you go to tie your shoes and they spontaneously combust  You know, the usual. How do you act?

-You are taking a shower and listening to music at the same time, it soothes you and helps wake you up. You’ve been doing this for the last year or so and it has never bothered anybody, not even your roommates. Today however, the lady living beneath you decides to bang on her ceiling so hard that you feel it on your feet in the shower and have a mini heart attack (since your eyes are closed and you’re half asleep in the shower). You jump up in horror, not knowing what the noise was or where it came from and you run out to the living room holding only your genitalia in one hand and your ass in the other. Your girlfriend and roommate ask you whats up, like nothing is wrong, not even questioning your nakedness, and you tell them. They call you crazy and you get back in the shower and pretend it didn’t happen. Until it does. Several more times. How do you act?


Let’s pick the latter of the examples to explain. You see, I’ve been listening to music a friend of mine has been listening to music when he showers for the last couple years. It never woke up his mom at home when he got up every day at 5am to work construction last summer, it never woke up his girlfriend when he gets up to shower and get ready before her, and it never posed any problems to anyone else– until now. You see, my two personalities were fighting over this one pretty hard, and the decision to punch her in the face confront her seemed like the right thing to do. So here’s the two scenarios the Younger Me/ Older Me came up with:

1) The Younger Me said: “Quit being a pussy, go down there and punch her in the face knock on the door as loud as you can since it’s fairly early, confront her, and scream in her face. Then as you are leaving flip her off and walk away like a badass before she can even say a word.”

2) The Older Me said: “Don’t be stupid, what if it’s her boyfriend who was doing that and not her? What if her boyfriend is giant and full of muscles? What if she was drowning and was banging on the ceiling for help? What if the maintenance man was down there fixing something?”

So I did as any pragmatic person would and I got back in the shower to ponder my options before I had to get out and choose one. After completing my shower, I realized that being angry about it wasn’t going to fix anything, and that storming down there in a pissy mood planning for a fight would just make everything worse. The Older Me had prevailed, but not because I’m older and more mature. The Older Me had prevailed because I’d done this before, a lot actually. In high school I wasn’t the best person ever, I spoke out, rebelled, broke rules, literally went to the office every day and spent every Thursday for two years in what our school called Thursday School– a five hour long detention every Thursday. I’ve been in fist fights with people over the dumbest shit you could possibly think of, and all for what, some bragging rights? No, it wasn’t worth it at all. I had been in that situation, and I didn’t want to go back. After all, the only mistake is not learning from the ones you’ve made.

So cooler heads prevailed, and I finished getting ready and went to breakfast to blog about this mornings events. How you act towards anyone will always have an affect on you in many ways. You never know who they are, they might be your boss or your new neighbor, and it’s always better to be nice first. Unless it’s the girl who lives below me Even if it’s the girl who lives below you and is rude to you on every occasion, It’s your job to be better than her. And to quote The Walking Dead:  “just because humanity is lost, it doesn’t mean we have to lose ours as well.


I hope you enjoyed that post, I haven’t decided if It’ll stick or not. But as always, here’s an awesome bacon pancake idea I recently found. Have fun trying it, I’ll let you know how it goes when I do sometime soon. life-hacks-how-to-make-your-life-easier-48


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