Bacon Weave

This may be the coolest thing I have ever seen and I plan on making it a lot more from now on. It’s called a bacon weave, and I’m in love with it. Why haven’t we been doing this for ever? These kinds of things are what gives me hope for the human race, the fact that we can make weaves of bacon for our food, it’s fantastic. So in true fashion, here are a lot of bacon weave photos that we should all take inspiration from. Give your eyeballs some porn and enjoy.

Bacon-Weave-00004 Bacon-Weave-000281 baconbasket-5 20090202-Caesar_Salad_Bacon_Weave_12


20080106-The_Perfect_BLT_1 3267042051_f76ed225c1 bacon-weave-pizza BaconWeaveRoll3 bacon_weaving5 81008287


e8a66d79_IMG_7782 90059da1.jpg.650x650_q85 bacon weave turkey grilled YgHCCVB


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