This is the photo that inspired me, I hope mine do the same to you.

That’s right everybody you read that correctly, today you will learn the awe-inspiring talent of how to make bacon pancakes! Follow the included directions below and soon enough you’ll have your own mouth-watering bacon pancakes of your own! Share or hoard them, it’s up to you!

(1) Get some kind of pancake mix.

I used Bisquick out of a box but any brand or mixture works. My box called for two eggs and a 1/4 cup of milk, so make sure you follow the directions on the back.

(2) Collect and add whatever ingredients you want to your pancake mix.

If you want to make chocolate chip strawberry bacon-cakes that’s ok. I like to keep it pretty simple and add a little sugar and vanilla to mine, about a tablespoon of each should suffice.

(3) Prep your cooking area!

I used an electric skillet, I highly advise using one for pancakes because of the even temperature it produces. I have never burnt anything on our electric skillet…ever… Seriously. Also make sure you have your pancake mix ready and waiting off to the side, as well as some cooking spray (if whatever you’re using isn’t non stick). A spatula would be useful, unless you’re the manliest of men and only flip food with your god-given spHANDtulas. Please don’t try that, it’s not as cool as you think.


Sweet Odin’s beard bacon is good. Make sure you toss that shit on the skillet and let it sizzle until almost done. REMEMBER NOT TO COOK THE BACON ALL THE WAY. It will continue to cook when you pour the pancake mixture over it so make sure it is cooked thoroughly but not to a crisp.


It should look something like this

(5) Drizzle over that sizzle.

Once the bacon is cooked to your liking (but not to a crisp) pour your pancake batter over your bacon in one fluid motion. The amount of batter required will vary but as long as the bacon is completely submerged it will be perfectly fine.

My hand wasn't as steady as it could have been, but it if looks similar to this you are on the right track

My hand wasn’t as steady as it could have been, but it if looks similar to this you are on the right track

(6) Let the pancakes cook, then flip, then cook some more.

There isn’t a universal time for flipping pancakes, but my tell is when the edges start to curl up a little bit. Once you pour the pancake batter on try to refrain from messing with them until you absolutely have to. Once the edges start to curl and some bubbles start to show up in the batter you’ll know it’s time to flip.

After flipping

After flipping they should look similar to this. Mine were fairly sloppy, but they looked good to me.

(7) Plate your masterpiece.


No breakfast meal is complete without some chocolate milk

(8) If you cook it, they will come

That’s right, so make sure you cook enough for all of your friends too. Invite them over for an evening of debauchery and games while also blowing their minds with this kickass bacon pancake meal.

And because my humor is that of a five-year old, here is what I did with the extra batter.

(9) Make a pan-cock.


Yeah, I really did this


And yes, it was delicious


6 comments on “BACON PANCAKES!

  1. God says:

    Well you cannot go wrong with bacon, ever. The only thing that could make this recipe even better is MORE BACON!! I would enjoy this very much. Thank you for the recipe good sir. Very magnanimous!

    • I KNOW! I had to use the cheap microwave bacon because it’s all I had at the time, but i made sure I didn’t cook it in the microwave. Microwave’s are for un-manly people. Bacon is one of the best solvents for every problem the world has, and I’ll tell you why. Bacon could solve world hunger: It’s a food source. The smell of bacon would make even Kim Jong Un chill out: solves the North Korea problem. If some one tries to mug you just give them some bacon: They’ll forget all about you. The list could go on and on.
      Thanks for the compliment and good luck trying this on your own!

  2. boutthatshad says:

    I’ve actually never had pancakes no other way but rounded, but other ways of making them looks just as fun. Nor have I ever made them with bacon in them. I don’t know how that would turn out, but it would be worth the try!

  3. tzweifel15 says:

    OMG your bacon pancakes looks great. i think i want to try to make them here soon. How do you know how much actual mix to put down first? But I have never thought to combine pancakes and bacon togethr. Its almost like you could eat them like french toast sticks and they are easily portable!!!

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