Breakfast Badassery


Hello readers! Today I’ve got something that will absolutely blow your taste buds away! It’s essentially a breakfast muffin with a little twist. Feel free to follow the steps below to breakfast badassery!

(1) Acquire the necessary items! This includes eggs, biscuits, bacon, some non-stick cooking spray, a muffin pan, and some skillets. And of course some friends to share with afterwards. Make sure to preheat your oven to whatever heat the biscuits tell you to!


(2)Prepare the food! Go ahead and scramble your eggs and set them aside. The bacon in this recipe is a bit different though, instead of tossing it in your skillet like usual you need to cut the bacon in slivers. By doing this it cuts every slice of bacon into tiny pieces and when you toss them into the skillet, out comes bacon bits. If you’re a little confused just look at the pictures below.








(3) Prep the muffin pan! Although my biscuits said “un-greased cookie sheet” I was not taking any chances. I sprayed the whole thing down with some non stick cooking spray just for good measure. Begin laying the biscuits into the muffin pan with the large end of the triangle (if you’re using the same ones I did) inside the hole. If using circular biscuits simply tear them in half and put half on the bottom.


(4) Start your layering! with the biscuit on the bottom you can begin filling your “muffin.” I put cheese in first, then eggs, bacon, and some more cheese. After you’re done loading it with food simply fold the remaining portion of the biscuit over and tuck it in.


(5) Bake! although my biscuit package said 10-12 minutes at 375 I ended up leaving mine in for about 15-18 minutes at 375. Just keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t burn!


(6)ENJOY! Bring friends over the night before and surprise them with awesome breakfast food. I hope you enjoyed this weeks cooking post! It’s actually really simple to make these at home, it’s not like those recipes you see on the internet that go horribly awry when you try them out yourself. If you have any sense about you you’ll be just fine.






One comment on “Breakfast Badassery

  1. nickmenard says:

    Good lord that looks amazing….

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