Weekend Grilling: Best Burger Recipe


As the title says I have the best burger recipe ever! I was unable to take pictures because my phone died, but I will include pictures that describe what I’m talking about.

As always, acquire all of the ingredients. This recipe calls for some worcestershire sauce, black ground pepper, white salt, ketchup, ground beef, beer, and your typical hamburger accessories such as buns, lettuce, cheese, etc…


Get a bowl that is large enough for whatever amount of meat you are using. We had a five pound meat log so our bowl was fairly large.

Toss your ground beef in there and add ketchup, worcestershire sauce, black pepper, white salt, a dash of beer, and mix to taste. But don’t actually taste it. Add a pinch/dash of everything per pound of meat.

Once the meat is seasoned and mixed up it’s time to prepare your patties. Make your typical burger shape and lay them on a wax sheet or saran wrap for safe keeping. Before you cook though, take a spoon and depress the center of the burgers. Do your burgers rise in the center a lot while cooking? This will keep that from happening and came from Gordon Ramsey himself. Your burgers will be perfectly level and delicious for everyone.


These aren’t mine, but they should look similar to this once depressing the center with a spoon

Toss them on the grill and cook to taste, but make sure you flip only once, don’t push on them with the spatula, and remember that they keep cooking once you take them off. The trick to good burgers is the timing. Enjoy!

grilling hamburgers (2)


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