Weekend Grilling: The Poppers

That’s right everyone, I’ve got some jalapeno popper grill works coming at you today. I’ll show you how to prepare these delicious bacon covered savory snacks because that’s how I do it, covered in bacon. So without further adieu, let’s get started.

First make sure you grab all the ingredients you need. Jalapenos, cream cheese, cheddar jack shredded cheese, bacon, mini-weenies, some toothpicks and your grill.

Make sure you start that grill before preparing the food if it’s charcoal so the coals can burn down!



First cut the heads and tails off of your jalapenos (the top and bottom if you don’t understand) leaving about 1-3 inches of the jalapeno left. Now core it and cut it in half. What you’re left with should resemble this.

20130427_162633 20130427_162601


After you’ve done that to all of your jalapenos, grab your cream cheese and shredded cheese and mix until you’re happy with your creamy goodness.


Take your jalapeno “boat” as I call them and spread a little cream cheese inside as paste

20130427_163100 20130427_163106

Add your mini-weenie, wrap in a half piece of bacon, and stick a toothpick through it so it stays together on the grill. It’s important to use a half piece of bacon to ensure the bacon cooks thoroughly, if not it’ll be too much and the outside will be charred while the inside will be under cooked.

20130427_163110 20130427_163139 20130427_163146

You’re end result so far should look like this.

Once they are all wrapped up and toothpicked, set them all in some sort of tray and sprinkle some brown sugar on each one. Then, they are ready for the grill!

20130427_165009 20130427_170425

After grilling them for about ten minutes, they should look similar to this. Enjoy! Don’t forget to share with your friends!



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